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Company Micafluid

Micafluid is the world leader in engineering and development of insulating oil and SF6 gas treatment plants

Micafluid is the sole beneficiary of a century-old heritage, which has built an extensive wealth ok knowledge and experience in the power industry. Founded in 2005, Micafluid took over the oil treatment and regeneration business from ABB Switzerland Micafil. The company’s strong expertise makes the ideal partner for energy operators, as it not only cares about equipment, but helps dedicated businesses worldwide save money and time.

The company’s research and development team is committed to transformer plant maintenance through the removal of water, gas and sentiment contents.

The team also work to preventively preserve equipment’s original insulating performance according to the latest industrial standards and protocols.

Our Approach


Consulting and Design

Micafluid’s design has our clients’ best interest at the core of each engagement. We are able to meet your specifications, but we can also help you specify your requirements and define the scope of your project. 

Our engineering team is fully dedicated to working out the most viable, economical solution to your investment. We aim to build a valuable cooperation with you, by quickly achieving your plant’s payback with the market’s highest return for your investment.



Manufacturing and testing

Micafluid’s manufacturing teams are engaged to ensuring your treatment system reached maximum reliability in the longest possible life cycle. Your equipment deserves an enhanced efficiency operation, and for this reason we only use the best materials and the best sub-supplier components.

Our lab and test appliances are able to perform complete insulating oil analysis as per IEC standards. Micafluid’s engineering apparatus for experimental and prototype setup can also perform optimal design purification processes that meet customer specific demands.


Service and life cycle management

After the delivery and commissioning of your plant, Micafluid’s team of engineers and technicians can assist you with your new and old equipment. Our comprehensive service team is fit to repair, retrofit and maintain your treatment and purification plant.

And the life cycle management of your system is ensured by the Micafluid Virtual Assistance (MVA) Platform, which enables you to remotely access the plant, by viewing and executing specific operations. Our central database organizes historical data for traceability and future reference and, upon your request, produces comparisons and reports of on going operations.


Our Partners


Our Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction

Our customers are our partners. We recognize the wishes and tasks of our customers and solve them by developing customer-specific solutions. By accompanying our customers we achieve a long-term cooperation based on open communication, trust and loyalty.

Continuous Improvement (CIP)

We question the existing and develop forward-looking solutions through continuous improvement. Our goal is to continuously increase the quality and competitiveness of the products and services we offer and to adapt them to new circumstances.


Our ideas and knowledge create new products and secure our future by meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers. The changes in the market are an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities for developing and delivering innovative solutions.


The quality policy is directly related to the mission, vision and corporate strategy of our company. Our process objectives are derived in order to promote the executives, assume responsibility for the joint achievement of our quality goals and to identify with our core values.

Environmental protection

Our actions are characterized by the careful use of resources and the environment. We optimize our processes in such a way that any loads are kept to a minimum. We are constantly testing and developing this as part of continuous improvement.

Zero-error philosophy

Problems and detected errors in products and processes are opportunities for innovation and improvement for us. Every employee has the duty and the right to contribute to the detection and remediation of errors and thereby to produce impeccable quality.


Our suppliers meet requirements as well as our promotion according to technical innovation for improvements of their products and processes. We expect commitment to our quality policy and deadlines as basis for cooperation in technical and administrative matters.


The qualification, information and motivation of all employees is a fundamental prerequisite for our company's success. Our employees are well trained and have the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully carry out the tasks and responsibilities assigned to you.