Ref. A21.1
Ref. A23.1
Ref. OE4
Ref. OE5.1
Ref. A04.1
Ref. A25.1
Ref. A24.1
Ref. A22.1
Ref. OE02.1
Ref. OE02.2


OE17.1 - For road transport of the processing plant. The housing is made of lightweight material with all the necessary doors and service flaps
Ref. A334.2
OE16 - The trailer is equipped with a frame and a tarpaulin that can be rolled up on all sides
OE13 - These rollers are only suitable for flat workshop floors. 2 swivelling and 2 fixed castors with locking.
OE15.1 - Manufactured according to EU standards, for protection against sun, rain and dust
OE15.2 - The system is equipped with a metal housing and doors
OE15.3 - The system is equipped with a safety fence as protection against accidental contact against hot surfaces
OE17.2 - The container is made of sheet steel and support structures, with the main opening on one or both ends.
OE17.2.1 - For road transport of 20ft containers, according to European standards with air-powered braking system and ABS
OE17.3 - The container is made of sheet steel and support structures, with the main opening on one or both ends


Z14 - Increase of heating capacity in order to ensure the required temperature difference (ΔT) for reaching the process temperature
OE2.3 - Automatic internal bypass system for internal circulation with minimum oil flow to prevent the oil from overheating
Z6 - Switchover valves enable oil circulation without treatment (only heating and filtering)
Z1 - With the additional vacuum pump, the suction capacity is increased and guarantees the best treatment values in one or more passes
Z1.2 - With this addition, a parallel evacuation of the transformer is possible
Z1.10 - With the additional roots pump, the suction capacity of the vacuum system is increased, and the achievable final vacuum is improved
Z4 - The inlet feeding pump is necessary to feed the oil through the clay system which is located in front of the degassing unit
Flanschanschluss auf der Transformatorseite und Schnellkupplung auf der Maschinenseite.
Z5 - The additional filter housing can be switched on or off with additional valves to enable the filter cartridges to be changed while the system is in operation


OE12 - Machine Virtual Assistance or MVA is the all-in-one Online Support platform developed by Micafluid AG
OE2.2 - VOP Systems are equipped with a 7” HMI touch screen as standard. With this addition, a 10” screen simplifies the overview
Zusätzliche Sprache nach Wahl.


OE20.X - Set of mechanical spare parts for the proper maintenance and upkeep of the system
OE18 - Standard 20“ profile filter cartridges with a fineness of 1 micron (μm)
OE19 - Standard 20“ profile filter cartridges with a fineness of 5 micron (μm)
OE19.1 - Standard 20“profile filter cartridges with a fineness of 1 micron (μm)
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State-of-the-art oil TREATMENT equipment

Durch den variablen Durchsatz der Micafluid Aufbereitungsanlage kann diese für unterschiedliche Funktionen und Volumen (Baugrösse) der Transformatoren eingesetzt werden. Dadurch ist ein ressourcenschonender und produktiver Betrieb sichergestellt. Mit der entsprechenden Ausrüstung können alle Anlagen währen dem Betrieb des Transformators eingesetzt werden.

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